Allegorithmic Substance Painter已经成为世界各地工作室标准游戏资产的标准工具。在这期Substance Painter视频教程中,作者通过分享他的生产成熟技术和工作流程,带领我们全面学习Substance Painter。他的直接方法允许学生学习如何快速处理项目,而不会对界面,术语或工作流程感到不知所措。从工具和功能的详细介绍开始,接着深入了解Substance Painter的工作流程,通过纹理化详细的walker-bot模型及其驱动程序,在整个项目中显示纹理化过程。而且还讲解了角色和硬表面模型的纹理化工作流程。他分享的各种技术,可用于纹理各种组件,同时讨论如何处理各种材质设置和地图。许多不同类型的材质都经过纹理化和展示,提供了对Christophe方法的全面了解。主题包括Painter界面,显示和视口功能,透明度和Iray,纹理集和材质,智能材质,投影,模板,烘焙,锚点以及如何处理硬表面风化和细节。

Allegorithmic’s Substance Painter has become a standard tool at studios around the world for texturing game assets. In this title, lead technical artist Christophe Desse takes us through the paces of learning Painter by sharing his production proven techniques and workflow . His direct approach allows the student to learn how to quickly tackle projects without feeling overwhelmed with the interface, terminology or workflow. Starting with a detailed introduction to the tools and features, Christophe then goes deeper into the workflow of Substance Painter showing the texturing process on a full project by texturing a detailed walker-bot model and its driver. This allows him to share his workflow for texturing both character and hard surface models. He shares various techniques that can be used to texture various components while discussing how to handle the various material settings and maps. Many different types of materials are textured and demonstrated, providing a thorough insight into Christophe’s methodology. Topics include the Painter interface, display and viewport features, transparency and Iray, Textures Sets and Materials, Smart Materials, Projections, Stencils, Baking, Anchor Points, and how to approach hard surface weathering and detailing.



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