Blender 350个科幻机械机甲DECALmachine贴花贴图包 350 sci-fi decal pack

这个包是为了在 Blender 中用作 alpha 贴花而创建的,但可以以您喜欢的任何方式使用。 有 350 个具有透明背景的 png 文件。

350 Sci-Fi Decals to decorate Hard Surface models

350 Sci-Fi PNG files with transparent background images to place all over your creations. A complete detailed tutorial video on how to place them if you DON’T have Decal Machine is included on the product profile.

I really enjoy creating all sorts of Sci-Fi related hard surface models, and I always wanted a good pack of textures to decorate them. I didn’t find anyone that felt complete or was exactly what I wanted. That’s why I decided to make my own, and I plan to keep expanding it.




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