Blender闪电电流特效资产预设 Ultimate Lightning Pack V1.2

使用释放Blender几何节点的力量程序闪电效果打包由地狱外汇。借助我们的,让您的场景更上一层楼 不同的 收藏品闪电效果,旨在满足您所有的创作需求。无论你想要一个引人注目的闪电分支还是滑动闪电的惊人诱惑,这个包都可以满足你。仅仅拖放进入你的场景,点燃你的想象力!


Unleash the power of Blender’s Geometry Nodes with the Procedural Lightning Effects pack by Hell FX. Take your scenes to the next level with our diverse collection of lightning effects designed to meet all your creative needs. Whether you desire a striking single lightning branch or the electrifying allure of sliding lightning, this pack has got you covered. Simply drag and drop into your scene and ignite your imagination!

The best tool for creating complex feathers and plumages