Blender关键帧曲线动画插件 Ultimate Animators Bundle V1.1.8

Ultimate Animators Bundle包含多种关键帧曲线预设,比如移除F曲线、添加删除关键帧、制作缓入缓出动画、多个关键帧编辑等

Blastframe’s powerful and feature-rich add-ons are now available in the Ultimate Animators Bundle. Retail price of all Add-ons is $100.94, but you can save over 20% with the Ultimate Animators Bundle.

Delete Static Channels

  • Remove F-Curves with no affect on your animation.

Key Selected Objects

  • Create and delete keyframes for selected objects and material properties from the user interface.

Copy Timing and Ease

  • Copy the timing and ease of one F-Curve or selected keyframes and paste to others.


  •  Edit multiple keyframes simultaneously from the user interface.

支持版本:Blender 2.8+


  • 在顶部菜单编辑(Edit)-首选项(Preference)-插件(Add-ons)-安装(Install),弹窗里选择对应的版本zip安装