Blender物体阵列矩阵运动图形MG文字动画预设 Motion Animate V0.4 – Speed Up Motion Graphics

在Blender中制作运动图形或运动文本一直是一件痛苦的事情,但现在你可以使用Motion Animate快速轻松地完成它。它由几何体节点驱动,允许您创建没有关键帧的程序动画。它不仅具有用于创建程序动画的节点组,还包含大量的动画文本预设和动画图形示例。您可以直接从资源浏览器中拖放来创建运动文本动画,这将使您的工作变得简单而令人惊叹!


Making motion graphics or motion text in Blender has always been a pain, but now you can do it quickly and easily with Motion Animate. It’s powered by Geometry Nodes, which allows you to create procedural animations without keyframes. It not only has node groups for creating procedural animations, but also contains a large number of motion text presets and motion graphic examples. You can drag and drop directly from the template to create motion text animation, it will make your job easy and amazing!