Blender衣服布料动画生成预设插件 Fabric Weave Effect V3

这是一个用Blender 3.4 Geometrynodes制作的织物形成效果。这使用静态网格作为输入,并分布在选定位置附近动态缩放的线程粒子。线对象和衬衫的着色器是相同的,但可以分开。请注意,这是一个几何节点修改器,不是一个插件。

This is a fabric formation effect made with Blender 3.4 Geometrynodes. This uses a static mesh as an input, and distributes thread particles that dynamically scale in proximity to a chosen location. The shader is the same for both the thread object and shirt, but it can be separated. Please note this is a gemometrynodes modifier, not an addon.