Blender模型场景灯光一键添加插件 Lighter v1.0.7



  • 选择场景中要照亮的对象。
  • 点燃它!在插件面板中。
  • 使用不同的参数根据您的喜好调整设置
  • 尽情享受吧!
Lighter is the easiest and fastest way to have a decent lighting setup for your models. I made this addon for people like me who are not really good at lighting. One way to solve this problem is the brute force way. Trying thousands of setups in a matter of seconds. And that’s exactly what this addon is about. It is also a very simple and fun way to light your scenes.

How To use:

  • select the object you want to light in your scene.
  • Hit LIght it up! in the addon panel.
  • Use the different parameters to tweak the setup to your liking
  • Enjoy !