blender快速模拟真实人物皮肤效果预设 Real Skin Shader V2

随着Blender 2.8的正式发布, E-EVEE现在可以像冠军一样处理皮肤着色!此着色器已完全 更新,现在操作起来更快、更容易,而且看起来很棒!使用这个新版本的 RSS 让您的角色更可信,并获得更快的渲染速度,最高可达每帧2秒!

EEVEE handles skin shading like a champ now with the official release of the Blender 2.8! This shader is fully RENEWED, it is now FASTER and EASY to manipulate and it looks AMAZING! Make your characters more believable with this new release of RSS and get faster renders up to 2sec per frame!