Blender科幻灯光模型预设插件 Cyberpunk Emissive Inserts – Kpack – Sci Fi Lights

这套预设包含30种赛博朋克科幻风格三维灯光模型预设,支持KIT OPS插件。

  • KPACK works with Kit ops. KIT OPS is the premiere kitbashing asset management tool for Blender with over 50,000 downloads. It works in both – FREE and PRO versions.
  • Real geometry
  • It is super easy to use and can be used in different workflows.
  • Inserts are made with no bevel applied, so you can modify them even further if you wish.
  • You can make anything that you want, whether it be mech, gun, crate, cylinder, or even a whole environment, such as a galaxy station or base on Mars.
  • The pack is made in Blender 2.9, which means it works in both versions – 2.9 and 3.0+.

支持软件:blender 2.9+


打开软件,顶部菜单点击 编辑(Edit) → 首选项(Preference) → 插件(Add-ons) → 安装(Install) ,在弹出的窗口里选择插件*.zip格式文件安装


把zip格式文件解压出来:把解压出来的 文件夹 复制到Blender安装路径的addons目录里,如:
C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\3.xx\scripts\addons