Blender模型打组控制插件 Gumroad – Group Pro v2.2.5


With GroupPro you can merge objects into one container object in non destructive way (using instances collections).  Features:

  • edit any instances on scene (not just the ‘source’ one, like it works by default, with collection instances)
  • work in recursive way – group, can be created from subgroups, which can be made of subgroups etc. Any subgroup can be edited and saved, with all other instances updated in real-time
  • easy mirroring of selected groups (fixes group instance mirror bug in blender)
  • change group origin, without destroying positions of other instances placed in scene
  • apply transformations to group (location, rotation, scale)
  • dissolve group (split it into original objects)
    • ability to edit linked libraries groups directly in current blend file
    • edit material in all group sub-objects in one click (replace, add, assign mat)
  • create group proxies (temporary lowpoly version, to speed up viewport)

支持版本:Blender 2.8+


  • 在顶部菜单编辑(Edit)-首选项(Preference)-插件(Add-ons)-安装(Install),弹窗里选择对应的版本zip安装