Blender几何节点Geometrynodes)曲线绘制三维道路生成器预设Curves To Roads V2 (


Curves To Roads V2是一款可以将曲线转换为道路的Geometrynodes几何节点生成器。曲线可以手动放置或使用曲线绘制工具绘制。道路是可定制的,并且可以在修改器选项卡中进行编辑。*这仅适用于 Blender 3.2**这是几何节点修改器,而不是插件。

A Geometrynodes generator that transforms curves into roads.Curves can be placed manually or drawn using the curve draw tool.The roads are customizable, and can be edited in the modifier tab.

This will only work in Blender 3.2

This is a Geometrynodes modifier, not an addon