Blender 火焰烟雾爆炸特效插件Blender Market – Blaze Add-On V3.0

Blaze插件可以在Blender中创建电影火焰着色器,无论是制作核爆炸,科幻爆炸,还是篝火场景,或任何东西!您只需按一个按钮即可轻松完成。有35多种不同的颜色预设可实现更狂野的外观和超强的火力,颜色深度极佳。这是最高效、最令人愉悦的FX着色器插件,它将加快您的工作速度,而无需担心外观,因为它是SUPER HOT超级火爆!

Whether making nuclear explosions, sci-fi blasts, or a campfire scene, or anything! you can easily do it by hitting just one button.There are 35+ different color presets to achieve the wilder look and superpower fires, with great depth in colors.This is the most efficient and pleasing FX shader add-on which will speed -up your work without worrying about the look as it is SUPER HOT!.