Blender添加真实环境雾气体积雾插件Fog Planes Addon v1.0

Fog Planes插件在blender 3d 环境中完成了雾的工作。它为您提供了大量的雾纹理,这些纹理带有高级着色器,用于在雾平面中进行必要的单独调整。它易于使用,只需单击几下,您就可以创建逼真的雾,为您的渲染提供正确的神秘氛围。无论您需要用于静态渲染还是动画,使用Fog Planes雾平面插件,您都可以快速为自然场景添加细节,从而获得出色的效果,并且不会不必要地增加渲染时间。


This Fog Planes addon completes the work with fog in the 3d environment. It provides you with a large gallery of fog textures which come with advanced shader for the necessary individual adjustments in the fog planes.It’s easy to use and with a few clicks you can create realistic fogs that give your renderings the right mystical atmosphere.Whether you need it for still renderings or for animations, with the Fog Planes you can quickly add a detail to nature scenes that gives great results and don’t unnecessarily increase the rendering time.