Blender程序化物体表面苔藓生成器预设Blender – Mossify (Procedural HQ Moss Generator)

3D 艺术家 Nino DefoQ 发布了 Mossify,这是一款适用于 Blender 的由几何节点驱动的程序化苔藓生成器,可让您创建覆盖着苔藓的真实 3D 对象派对。生成器具有 GN 设置本身以及一系列高质量材料,允许设置详细的绿色植物,非常适合特写镜头。更重要的是,该设置是高度可定制的,使您能够减少设置甚至禁用节点并仅使用材质来创建远离相机的对象。

This Blender file contains the Mossify geometry node setup and comes with the materials that are used. Amazing to use on objects that you want to be (partly) covered with moss. It’s a High-Quality moss setup, which means it’s perfect to use on objects that are close to your camera as well! For objects that are far away, I’d recommend reducing the settings or even disabling the geometry nodes and working with the material only.