AE摄像机镜头场景景深模糊插件 DOF Pro V1.0.1 for After Effects Win/Mac学习版

Depth Of Field Generator PRO可以在AE中制作真实的摄像机景深效果,包括调节景深的位置,模糊程度等

DOF PRO (Depth Of Field Generator PRO) is the undisputed leader in photorealistic depth of field effects for Adobe After Effects. Backed by over a decade of research and development since its first release in 2005, DOF PRO has become the industry’s professional choice for unparalleled and sophisticated depth of field effects quickly and efficiently as a post process. DOF PRO’s state-of-the-art featureset provides innovative and cutting-edge technology not available elsewhere, resulting in one of the most powerful and advanced depth of field processors in the industry.