AE风吹摆动摇晃MG动画脚本 Aescripts AutoSway v1.90+使用教程

AutoSway 脚本可以在AE中制作风吹自由摇曳摆动MG动画,且完全符合重力学。包含两种模式:图层模式,木偶工具模式

AutoSway lets you easily make your layers sway!


  • 木偶工具模式:  直接打点就行
  • 层模式: 任何2D或者3D图层都可以使用



  1. Apply Puppet Pins from the start point to the end point on the layer you wish to sway
  2. Select all Puppet Pins that you wish to have sway, click the [apply] button.
  3. Select the [SwayControl] layer and adjust the sway.


This mode allows linking and swaying of multiple layers as opposed to the Puppet Pin Tool mode which can only sway one layer.It can sway in 2D or 3D as well as bending and twisting. There are also tools to help divide and duplicate layers.

  1. Select the layers you wish to have sway.
  2. Select the layer you wish to be the start point first, and the one you wish to be end point last.
  3. Click the apply button.
  4. Select the [SwayControl] layer, and adjust the sway.