AE三维金属玻璃立体文字标题组合动画脚本 TypeMonkey3D v1.0.0+使用教程

TypeMonkey3D是第一个利用 AE2024 中引入的新高级3D渲染器的 After Effects 脚本。只需单击一下,TM3D 会立即将您的TypeMonkey构建转换为3D。使用预设的照明环境和纹理或自己制作。效果控制器允许实时调整几何形状、材质、颜色、透明度、照明、反射和纹理。快速简单的动态 3D 排版终于成为现实!

TypeMonkey3D is the first After Effects script to take advantage of the new Advanced 3D Renderer introduced in AE2024. With a single click TM3D will convert your TypeMonkey build to 3D instantly. Use a preset lighting environment & texture or make your own. Effects controllers allow for realtime adjustment of geometry, materials, color, transparency, lighting, reflections and textures. Quick & Easy kinetic 3D typography is finally a reality!