AE快速简单3D相机跟踪标准化流程脚本 Normalize Track v1.1+使用教程

在After Effects中,您是否曾经追踪相机并发现场景的比例非常大或非常小?感谢Daniel Hashimoto(您可能认识他是Action Movie Dad)的技巧,我们现在有一种方法可以对追踪进行归一化,这样您就可以添加元素,打开3D开关,而不会使元素超出无限远或超出范围。Normalize Track是一个可以自动完成此操作的脚本。

You ever track a camera in After Effects and find that the scene scale is stupidly large or ridiculously small? Well, thanks to Daniel Hashimoto—you might know him as Action Movie Dad—we have a technique to normalize tracks so that you can drop in elements, pop on that 3D switch and not have your elements push out to infinity or beyond. And thanks to Aharon Rabinowitz for connecting us, we now have a script that does it automatically. Grab it.