AE将素材快速映射到任何3D实体脚本 3D Plane Stamp v1.7+使用教程

该免费脚本该让您只需按一个按钮即可轻松将您的素材投影并“标记”到任何3D实体上。现在,您可以使用直接从您正在使用的素材中获取的纹理来替换那些乏味的引导实体。使用 3D Plane Stamp脚本进行VFX和绘画,以及将静态图像转换为3D卡,在After Effects中构建世界或将其直接发送到Cinema 4D中。

The script makes it easy to simply press a button to project and “stamp” your footage onto any 3D solid. Now you can replace those bland guide solids with a texture taken right from the footage you’re working with. Use 3D Plane Stamp for VFX and paintouts, as well as turning still images into 3D cards to build a world inside After Effects or send them right into Cinema 4D.