CAD流程轻量级NURBS建模软件 Plasticity v1.4.15 Win学习版

Plasticity是一种很有前途的流线型新 NURBS 建模工具,被描述为“艺术家的 CAD”。该软件具有类似 Blender 的用户界面、按键绑定和选择模式,旨在使艺术家能够快速、直观地创建硬表面资产。一款用于概念艺术而非工业设计的轻量级 NURBS 建模应用程序。经过一年多的公开测试后现在可用,Plasticity 是一个流线型的 NURBS 建模器。该软件旨在为MoI(Kallen 形容为“巨大的灵感”)和Fusion 360等工具提供一种低成本、对艺术家友好的替代方案,并针对概念艺术和工业设计。

Plasticity is the ultimate tool for creative professionals in the video game industry, product design, and beyond. Say goodbye to clunky CAD workflows designed for manufacturability. Plasticity offers all the power of NURBS modeling combined with the best workflow innovations from polygonal modeling software. This unique combination gives you the flexibility and creativity you need to bring your ideas to life